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How To Automate Your  Home


The best way to wade into home automation is to eliminate the clutter and focus on what you want to do. Home automation gives you easy access to controlling any device in your home right from a mobile device within your reach anywhere in the world. A real deciding factor that determines how your home automation system would work is your budget and how much time you will be investing to set things up. The sky becomes the limit on things you can automate in your home applying the right level of ingenuity. Home automation more accurately describes your home with nearly everything like lights, appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems while they are all hooked up to a remotely controllable network. Here are few categories of the task that you can pursue when setting up your Home Automation system.

  • Automate your light to on and off on schedule remotely or when certain conditions are triggered.
  • Automate your air condition to the atmospheric status of the house when you are home and save energy when you are not around.
  • Open your blinds during the day while you are at home and shut them at night while going to bed.
    Automate your garage doors with voice commands

This is just one of the simple things you need to automate but if you have some other things that you regularly do; you can as well automate them too. However, the best step and form of achieving a low cost and well-integrated home automation system is to find and center your focus on a unique system that will center its activities around a single smart home controller that are practically less expensive. Our guide examines some of the significant benefits of home automation for many users and recommends a single driver centered product or peripheral in each category based on features, reliability, and price. You will find all the top recommended together under your little but compelling budget including the required controlling hub.

Learning Thermostat: new thermostat is exclusively digital. Long ago, the old system of thermostats is not digital and are mostly are found in older homes and motels, for example, mercury switch. Mercury switch is a liquid metal that conducts electricity that flows like water. But in the modern thermostat that is used today mostly in the process of home automation are the programmable thermostat that automates everything at a go.

Charger Outlet 15 AmpTR Receptacle: another device that will be needed primarily for your automation business is the charger outlet and more precisely the 15 AmpTR Receptacles. A brand new one is the best for what we are trying to set up. Ensure it has 25 volts, 15A with a US style with ground plug format.

Echo Dot: Echo Dot has varieties, but the one we shall be recommending that we have found suitable for our homehow to automate home automation journey is the Anker Speaker. Anker Speaker is available on Amazon, this product is a pretty straight forward product and offers better audio and nearly same features as its competitors. It is programmed to listen to your questions to give Alexa commands thereby delivering regular stuff like ordering stuff, playing music and controlling smart home gadgets.

Mini Smart Plug: one of the most popular and recognized mini smart plug that is reliable for this purpose is Belkin’s Wemo. It is an easy to use device most reliable when controlling it with its app. Wemo plug allows you to control your connected device via voice commands via voice commands sent to Alexa most especially when you own another Alexa device such as Echo dot. It is the best and one of the least how to automate homeexpensive way to modernize your home without blocking the duties of adjacent electrical outlets.

Smart Dome Camera: Getting a beautiful and portable dome cameras help to put the home automation ideas into reality. You can choose to go for the Dahua products; it produces clear images in a near complete darkness (box camera). It also has an advanced 3d noise with an extended transmission range.

Ring Video Doorbell: it helps you to put a finishing touch to your home which makes the overall feel of important as it says a lot about the people that live in a house. The best option that you should opt for in your home automation top home automationjourney is a wireless Ring Video Doorbell. Everybody wants this, and I can assure you that as technology improves the wireless option is the best. The wireless design allows for little wiring, and at the same time have stress free installation process. If you are looking to get a beautiful one, there are different styles of Ring Video Doorbell you will find suitable for your taste.


You may not have a big budget, which may be a reason why you will have to be setting it up yourself. Long ago, some prominent organizations have tried their best to come and settle themselves quickly into the business of home automation. As a result, buoyant companies like Google developed an app called Android@Home but to no avail. However, there are many options at your disposal. You can choose to do it yourself since you have a limited budget. Home automation is of great advantage and can help you perform a lot of tasks while you are busy addressing other issues. One of the best home automation companies you can choose to go for is

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